Jspx 2.1 release notes

Jspx 2.1 is shipped with more than a dozen of new features and fix of the few bugs found in the previous version.

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Jspx 2.1 New Features

The following new features were added to jsxp 2.1:

  1. Excluding dataparam from formatting final SQL statement based on the (roles and rendered )attribute
  2. Add new feature to DataColumn to support wrapping of long lines by setting attribute "longtext" to show DataColumn content in modal.
  3. Adding hint attribute to DataColumn to display a hint message on the header.
  4. Escape double quotes in the attribute value to be rendered.
  5. Export To Excel will make the sheet columns the same order as the UI. (even if no DataColumn defined in the Table).
  6. Override the default Ajax Submitter with new attribute "ajaxsubmitter".
  7. Introducing XmlBean
  8. AjaxPanel after rendered to the client it can request another AjaxPanel to refresh its content.
  9. Adding request.uri in jexl context to represent the request URI.
  10. Add ability to sort columns in the ListTable.
  11. Add DecimalFormat to DataColumn to show numbers in better format.
  12. Adding new attribute to DataParam to prevent SQL execution if the parameter value is missing.
  13. Adding default 5 minute timeout on SQL statement in the DAO Search.
  14. Added new attribute on the link "data-load-img" to show loading image value is ('true' or the css class of the image to be shown)
  15. Added new attribute on the input "validate" with values of validators types, they will create validators at parse time.

Bugs Fixed

Some of the bugs fixed:

  1. Fix DataTable insert statement creation
  2. Fix issue with EL engine, where expressions like [$('#someID${this.id}')] are evaluated wrong.
  3. Fix issue, empty DataTable does not display new button.
  4. Fixed some issues with duplicate event firing.

Known Issues

Nothing till now, please let's know